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Zoo upsets redheads

An Australian zoo has dropped an ad campaign offering free visits to
people with ginger hair to highlight the plight of orang-utans.

Adelaide Zoo ran advertisements offering "free Zoo entry for all rangas"
during the school holidays, reports the Advertiser.

"Ranga" - an abbreviation of orang-utan - is a common nickname in
Australia for redheads.request," said Zoos SA's director of conservation
programs Kevin Evans.

"People are possibly more sensitive about it than we thought," he said.

"We have a campaign over the school holidays because of orang-utans
being an endangered species - and so are human redheads," Mr Evans

"Because of the way people move around these days, the genes that
carry redheads are breeding out to brunettes and blondes."

The zoo has dropped the ads but will continue to offer free entry to
people with red hair for the next two weeks.

Zoo staff will not seek proof that patrons are natural redheads: "We're not
actually checking tops and tails, or anything like that," Mr Evans said.
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