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Zamboni driver charged with drunk driving at arena in Kingsville, Ont.

KINGSVILLE, Ont. - A 34-year-old woman from Kingsville, Ont., has been charged with impaired driving - on a Zamboni.

Provincial police say an off-duty officer spotted the woman driving erratically on the ice resurfacer at Kingsville Arena on Thursday night.
The driver was missing major spots on the ice and bumping into the boards.

At one point, police allege the woman stopped the Zamboni and slumped over the steering wheel.
Police say they found a bottle of vodka on the woman, whose name was not released.

She was arrested and charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle and driving over the legal alcohol limit.
The woman is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 2 in Windsor, Ont.

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PORTLAND, Maine — A Portland man faces a drunken driving charge after police found him aboard an idling Zamboni inside the Cumberland County Civic Center.
Police and firefighters were alerted by an alarm at 2 a.m. Tuesday that somebody was inside the arena, which is home to the Portland Pirates hockey team.
Police officers discovered 25-year-old Adam Patterson on top of the Zamboni and arrested him before he could drive it out of a storage area.
Police say Patterson appeared to be intoxicated. He faces charges of operating under the influence, among other things. Civic Center General Manager Steve Crane said somebody also had driven one of the center's forklifts and hit a sprinkler line.

What is it with people from the sticks getting snookered, then driving riding mowers, golf carts, and now Zambonis?
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