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You Might Be A Brainwashed DemocRAT If..................

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1. You witnessed what happened on September 11th, and like Bill Maher, think America caused it and even deserved it. Conveniently, you forgot how many have died at the hands of terrorists during the Clinton administration and he failed to respond appropriately which only served to embolden UBL and Al Qu’ida.

2. You think its unfair that America has such a great military, and agree with Madeline Albright that it needs to be turned over to a UN - comprised of countries, many of which are run by tyrants - to enforce America's safety from terror; and just like Albright, you think we are keeping Usama in some hole as until Bush needs a political trump card.

3. You once thought "fighting" terror was OK, especially if it meant lobbing a missile or two. But you also saw no irony in the missile attack coming on the eve of the history-making impeachment of America's most scandalous and debauched president since Warren Harding.

4. You have conveniently forgotten that Clinton/Gore embraced and passed the Defense of Marriage Act, a purely grandstanding piece of legislation which preemptively barred gay marriages from recognition under federal law for any purpose, but you never let anyone forget that Bush is against gay marriage and has proposed that a constitutional amendment be created.

5. The Clinton Crime Bill of 1994 expanded to fifty the number of crimes that could draw the death penalty in federal court, reaching even crimes that did not include murder - the largest expansion of the death penalty in US history, but you scorned Governor George W. Bush for the number of executions during his administration in Texas.

6. And while we are on the Clinton Crime Bill, which introduced mandatory life imprisonment for people convicted of a third felony in certain categories, it also maintained a 100-1 disproportion in sentencing for crimes involving powder and crack cocaine, even though the US Sentencing Commission had concluded that the disparity was racist. But Bush is routinely ridiculed by the likes of Julian Bond and Whoopi Goldberg as racist.

7. You believe Libya's decision to halt its membership in the world of terror was due to the integrity and hard work of a guy being serviced by an intern, whose most memorable line in history will be, "I did not have sex with that woman....."

8. You're a bit sad that Hillary has decided that it is in her best political future and chic to support of our troops, but remain assured in knowing it is only as a means of returning to the White house in 08.

9. Chances are the closest you or a close family member come to past or present military service is having once watched Mash on TV, but you mock and demean those who do serve as being dumb, poor ******* and urban miscreants with no future but to pimp their blood in exchange for a job other than behind a fryolator or gas pump.

10. You reject the need to reform social security as another Bush scam, but refuse to acknowledge that President Clinton was all set to start privatizing social security, until he could not resist the allurement of the divine Ms. Lewinsky and then had to expend his political capital in another direction -- saving his job.

11. You curse the Patriot Act, but you looked the other way Clinton/Gore team passed the Counter-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which was the precursor to the Patriot Act. The CTEDP Act, among other things required all communication providers to make existing and future communications wire-tap ready and allowed INS to deport immigrants without due process and denied prisoners the right to appeal to the federal bench based on habeas corpus petitions. But now you gas on incessantly about the violated rights of detainees in Cuba.

12. Law Professor Anita Hill was embraced by the feminist movement when she came forward with her sexual harassment claims while Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky were jeered.
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So true HC, unfortunately, the left will never get it.
It defies belief how such a large segment of the population can possess such a vehement hatred of their country.
Especially when that country is the US.

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