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'You can't arrest me, you ran over my foot,'Des Moines man tells police

Police arrested a man after he resisted because he claimed the police vehicle ran over his foot.

Police responded to a fight at a McDonalds near 2600 block of SW 9th St. at 11 a.m. Thursday.

According to reports: The officer observed a large group near the restaurant and saw someone hit another man. The officer turned his sirens and lights on and drove closer to the fight. Most of the people cleared out or ran away, according to a police report.

The officer noticed a man standing in front of the police car with his arms out like he was challenging him.
The man, Orlando Vivone, 18, of Des Moines, eventually stepped out of the way and was near the passenger side of the police car.
As the car was passing him, Vivone punched the passenger side window of the car.
The officer got out of the car and went toward Vivone, who said "you can't arrest me, you ran over my foot."

Police grabbed his wrist to pull Vivone out of the crowd, he resisted, according to the report. Vivone stepped back and took an "active fighting stance." The officer sprayed him with mace, but Vivone wouldn't back down.

After another struggle, the officer was able to handcuff Vivone.

He was arrested for assault on a police officer with injury.

Vivone told police he hit the police car because the car ran over his foot, though he never complained of any foot injuries, according to the report.
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