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yikes !!! attleboro police officer's ear bit off -ouch !!

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has anyone else seen the gory picture in the boston herald of the attleboro police officer's ear stump ?? a nut bit it off at a domestic disturbance. i pray for the officer and wish him well. the ear chomper was sent to bridgewater - if he is found to be insane he will be found not guilty by reason of insanity. will the insurance company and/or town
pay all of the officer's bills, will he be paid for the disfigurement ? i once worked for a state agency where you were paid by the inch and location of a scar that was was caused by an inmate - after getting my arm ripped open as a police officer, i was told that police are not compensated for scars and have to sue in civil court - if this chomper is found NGI, how can he be sued for the permanent disfigurement he did to the officer ?? this issue needs to be addressed. - it could happen to any of us - you never know what we may face on any given day...
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You can still sue in civil court regardless of the criminal court disposition. The article sounds like noone is contesting that the suspect bit the officers ear off, theyre just blaming the officer for the situation. If the town does pay him for the disfigurement, he is still entitled to seek damages from the suspect in civil court.
For those of you that didn't see it....

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Wow, that looks jsut a little painful! What was this guy thinking............
I hope you guys transported the assailant to the dentist previous to returning to the station for booking! :lol:
According to the suspects farther he described it on the news as
"When he ripped the phone right down the side of my son's face, and the altercation took place there, and my son's head was up and he had his jagged teeth, and the officer brought him down, and somehow their faces were side by side when they went down. So, that's where his ear had got cut,"
said Berghman's father, Earl.
Well, I'm no forensic dentist, but it sure looks like two bites out of the ear to me. So much for Earl's accident theory.
According to the newscast I saw, they mentioned that the parents called the cops to have this clown removed from their home since they were unable to control him themselves. And of course the nitwit father sticks up for his son after he disfigures the officer responding. Is this on point?
How OLD was this guy?

And the quotation from the dad made me confused. Is it just me, or is that bad grammar!!?
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