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WWII Veteran Freezes To Death In Own Home

Discussion in 'Military News' started by kwflatbed, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. kwflatbed

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    Bay City Electric & Light Restricted Power To Man's Home After Not Paying Bills

    BAY CITY, Mich. -- Officials in central Michigan say a 93-year-old man who owed more than $1,000 in unpaid electric bills froze to death inside his home -- where the municipal power company had restricted his use of electricity.

    Neighbors and friends of Marvin Schur want answers as to how this could happen.

    “Now that we do know it was hypothermia, there’s a whole bunch of feelings that I’ve got going through me,” said Jim Herndon, a neighbor of Schur’s. “There’s anger, for the city and the electrical company.”

    Bay City officials said changes are on the way in an attempt to not let another instance like this happen again.
    An autopsy determined Schur, 93, died from hypothermia in the home he lived in for years.

    Bay City Electric Light and Power sent Schur a shutoff notice through the mail a few weeks ago.

    Then crews placed a shutoff notice on his front door. A few days later, Schur was found by neighbors.

    Bay City Electric Light and Power, which is owned by the city, said a limiter was placed on Schur’s electrical line.

    The device limits the power that reaches a home, and it blows out like a fuse if power consumption rises past a set level.

    The manager of Bay City said the limiter was tripped sometime between the time of installation and the discovery of the man's body.

    The city manager said city workers keep the limiter on a house for 10 days, then shut off power entirely if the homeowner hasn't paid utility bills or arranged to do so.

    A medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on Schur told TV5 and WNEM.com that Schur died a painful death due to the hypothermia.

    Dr. Kanu Varani has done hundreds of autopsies, and he said he’d never seen a person die of hypothermia indoors.

    A neighbor who lives across the street from Schur is angered that the city didn’t personally notify the elderly man about his utility situation.

    Schur’s neighbor, Herndon, said Schur had a utility bill on his kitchen table with a large amount of money clipped to it, with the intention of paying that bill.

    Right now the city said the situation is still under investigation. Marvin Schur was a World War II veteran.

    A memorial service for him will take place Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. at the Gephart Funeral Home in Bay City.

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  2. StbbrnMedic

    StbbrnMedic fraggle tamer

    That is so sad.

    Kills me that this man, who served his country, has died because he couldn't pay his electric bill. Yet we have all these welfareites who have done nothing but leach off the system their whole lives, with free everything and big screen tv's too boot.
  3. SgtAndySipowicz

    SgtAndySipowicz Supporting Member

    The government wouldn't have done this to the local 25 year old junkie who is "disabled" and on SSI...... this is disgraceful.............
  4. fra444

    fra444 MassCops Member

    This SUCKS!

    That man was unable to stay warm and you go into some of these houses and the heat is up to 90 degrees, the windows are open and the fan is blowing the heat out the window! I no longer feel the least bit bad about telling people to lower the heat or I will take their complaint outside!
  5. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    What a tragedy.

    Also a sad reminder to periodically check on your elderly neighbors who live by themselves. I have a woman in her 90's across the street from me, and I gave her my phone numbers to call in case she ever needs anything.
  6. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    A "limiter"? WTF!
    Sounds like the electricity nazi's What happened to utilities not being able to shut off the elderly or medically infirm?
  7. StbbrnMedic

    StbbrnMedic fraggle tamer

    We did the same. He falls a lot, and although his son is there a lot, there's still so much time when he's alone and we're right here to help if he needs it.
  8. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

    Lawyer: Man who froze to death left $600,000

    93-year-old had power cut off by utility over about $1,000 in unpaid bills

    [​IMG] updated 10:26 a.m. ET, Thurs., Feb. 5, 2009

    BAY CITY, Mich - An attorney says a 93-year-old Michigan man who froze to death after a power company restricted electricity to his home over roughly $1,000 in unpaid bills left an estimated $600,000 to a hospital.
    Marvin Schur's attorney, Cathy Reder, told the Detroit Free Press the World War II veteran bequeathed his entire fortune to Bay Medical Center.

    Schur's frozen body was found Jan. 17, four days after Bay City Electric Light & Power installed a device on his electric meter that cuts power after a predetermined level is reached.

    State regulators on Wednesday issued emergency rules designed to protect more people against electricity or heat shutoffs in the winter.

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