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WTT Glock G30 for Sig P220

Discussion in 'Police Duty Gear For Sale / Wanted' started by johnnyreb, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. johnnyreb

    johnnyreb Guest

    I would like to trade my Glock Model G30 for a Sig P220. The Glock is the compact .45acp, with factory box, 5 magazines, full length steel guide rod, Tru-Dot nite sights. I've put about 400 rounds through it. This is the finger grove grip model. Don Hume J.I.T. holster goes with. I would like to trade straight across for a slightly used Sig P220 with a couple mags and prefferably factory box.
  2. johnnyreb

    johnnyreb Guest

    Thanks to those who have replied to me via messages. I have traded the G-30 for a SIG P220R SAO. Thanks again.

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