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WTS: Used 9mm MP5's and UMP/40's (to L.E. agencies or C-3 Dealers only)

Discussion in 'Police Duty Gear For Sale / Wanted' started by msw, Feb 27, 2009.

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    I still have a few of these left ................

    The H&K MP5's are in Good condition, have a fixed stock, and have the "012" Trigger Group which is Safe/Semi/2RB with no full auto position for the selector. Each gun comes with a sling, two mags, double mag clamp, and a SureFire forend light. They are $995.00 each, plus shipping. If new, they'd be about $1800 each, as equipped, and would take 6 - 8 months to get from H&K.

    The UMP/40 SMG's are VG+ cond, with the Navy Trigger Group (safe/semi/full) and come with one mag only. (I only have enough mags now for one mag per gun.) Each gun will also come with a thigh rig type mag pouch. They are also $995.00 each, plus shipping.

    Because these guns are already in the USA, they can be transferred and shipped within around 45 days, vs. the typical 8 months that it takes to get new SMG's directly from H&K. I can provide any L.E. agency or C-3 Dealer with references - contact name/numbers of Officers at other PD's who have gotten other guns like these from the same batches as these came from - upon request. If you know of any L.E. agencies or Class 3 Dealers who might be interested, please send me a PM. [Note: These are all "post-86" registered submachine guns and as such can only be sold either to a L.E. agency, or a Federally licensed Class 3 Dealer, with an "LE Demo Request letter". All Federal and State Laws must be complied with, and all NFA rules apply. If the firearm is to be purchased by a FFL/Class 3 Dealer, all required documents must be provided. These firearms CANNOT be sold to individuals under any circumstances; they can only be sold to Law Enforcement agencies and/or Class 3 FFL Dealers, with proper documentation. ] Payment by check or money order is ok. I am located in California, where, besides being a full time cop, I am also a Federally Licensed Class 3 Firearms Dealer. (But a long time ago, I used to be a cop in MA, which is why I enjoy Masscops!!)

    If your agency has old or obsolete pistols, rifles, shotguns, or machine guns, or evidence/confiscated guns, I'd be interested in taking them in on trade for any of the above guns, or for new weapons which my company can obtain for your Department.

    PM me if interested....... I can help out your agency with firearms issues. I have only been a firearms Dealer for 30 years, but I have been a cop for almost 35 years!! (One more till retirement!)

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