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16 MP5K's (the short pistol like SMG) sitting at an agency warehouse waiting for owners. These are trade in guns in LNIB condition,all are still in the box and some have never been fired.
Trigger groups vary from full auto (Navy) to full auto with 3 round burst (3 round burst).
Price $875-1000 depending on the setup.

Two HK MP5A3's in 40 S&W. Very good condition, they come with 4 mags, sling, Surefire forend with light, case, 3 lug Navy barrel with 0-1-2 trigger group.

11 HK MP5 A2's in 9mm. These NIB contract guns come with one mag and Navy group.. $930 per unit.

6 HK MP5's A3's. These NIB contract guns come with one mag and 3 round burst group.. $990 per unit.

NOTE: Burst groups mean the are safe, semi, 3 round burst, and full auto. (4 position).

If your department would like to see one, PM me or e-mail me and we'll get a demo gun out to the department.

PS if you have old guns you want oto trade or sell, let me know. We can take them in, if you have a demill policy we are capable of doing that too.

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