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Not Dan, but I'll give my $0.02 on the Walther P99 .40 anyway. [Probably same as S&W 99, as even the Walther has a S&W mfd slide . . . the Walther uses a German made frame.]

I like the P99 .40 that I own very much and it is my secondary carry gun (S&W 1911 is primary). I've run a few thousand rounds thru mine and it handles well. I'm bringing it with me as a backup gun (in case the 1911 has a failure) when I take two tactical defensive handgun courses (in Tyngsboro) this June and July.

When I took a tactical defensive handgun course with Jim Crews, Marksman's Enterprises last Summer Jim was using a S&W 99 .45 while teaching the course and he found it a very good gun.

Only gotcha is that if you get the gun in .40, do NOT buy any Walther marked mags!! The baseplates blow out due to poor quality plastic. I've blown out ~9 baseplates (5 mags, S&W replaced them finally with S&W marked baseplates). It's a known problem and the only assurance is to use the S&W marked baseplates (different plastic and work fine). This is a problem that could kill you in a defensive shoot situation! I've had the mag tube stick in the grip and all other parts on the ground after the first shot. NO problem with S&W mags/baseplates.
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