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WTB: Firearm

Discussion in 'Police Duty Gear For Sale / Wanted' started by mschumann, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. mschumann

    mschumann MassCops Member

    I work as a Boston SPO. I never carry off duty but i have been fortunate enough to make a few decent arrests and a few of my co-workers have strongly suggested that I start to carry off duty.

    If anyone has something that they are looking to get rid of on the cheap side please feel free to message me or respond to this posting.

  2. midwatch

    midwatch MassCops Member

    Man do yourself a favor and spend the cash for a quality weapon. Three pieces of equipment I would never skimp on: my weapon, my body armor, and my flashlight.
  3. mschumann

    mschumann MassCops Member

    Do you guys have any suggestions?

    Just out of curiousity what is +1mid?

    All of the ppl I work all carry while off duty and they have all been up my ass about it since I started. Last week I was really fortunate to pull a gun off of someone.... Which provided the additional ammo for my co workers to finally convince me to get something. Money is very tight at the moment, I have a wedding that im paying for in less than a year... 400-500 might be doable but it will take me a while to get it together. I may just carry my .38 until then unless a good deal comes along.

  4. MCADPD24

    MCADPD24 MassCops Member

    +1 mid means that he agrees with what he posted. I bought a new sigma SW .40 for under 400. That was in Lawrence. You can always carry your duty weapon on you. I always carry off duty, just dont know what idiot that you locked up in the past is gonna pull up on you.

    KEVDEMT MassCops Member

  6. redtargetarea

    redtargetarea New Member

    Glock 27, or the S/W snubby. Both outstanding weapons for concealed carry. I have those 5.11 under the arm holster shirts, you can put a full size in there and it is comfy and hidden. Can go out in gym sweats with a t shirt over it with a .45 on you.
  7. mschumann

    mschumann MassCops Member

    Im not a " gun nut " ( yet ).... But where I only own one firearm (.38) that I carry for work, and have yet to even fire a semi-auto... I have a good interest in getting a semi over a revolver.

    I found a deal, that I would like an opinion on ( Price vs Quality )
    S&W model 40VE .40 cal, ( I believe it is new ) $305.95

    From a dealer who I have bought from before...

    Smith and Wesson model 40VE Sigma .40cal S&W

    KEVDEMT MassCops Member

    the sigma has been crap since the day the firts one rolled off the line. awful fit/finish. hands down the worst trigger ever put into a pistol. utterly unreliable in terms of mechanical function.

    they were ok when you could buy them for <250 nib if all you wanted was a range blaster and didnt mind the problems. i would never carry one as a defensive gun.

    however, my opinion on your carry gun is next to worthless, as im not the one that has to pay for it, carry it or wager my life on its reliability. im not going to bust your balls for bargain shopping for a defensive gun. i respect that it may not be desire that limits you in that fashion. what i will say is that if you cant afford to play in the bigs as far as semi auto's go, either save your money and carry your 38 until you can afford a serious carry piece or buy a good snub 38 and a bunch of ammo. the last thing you want is to draw your gun and have it go glick when it should go boom. almost never happens with wheel guns. hell, even cheap wheel guns work every time. they may be ugly as sin and feel like you're holding a brick, but they dont jam or fte. happens all the time with the lower end of the spectrum of semis.
  9. OfficerObie59

    OfficerObie59 Public Trough Feeder

    This is not an area where I would skimp. While I'm not sure if your SSPO status is enough to get you past the AG's super secret ban list, cough up another $150 and get something that will last you--put you in realm of a new sub-compact Glock or M&P.

    I have a much more limited knowledge about firearms than many on this board (Wolfie, Killjoy, to name a few) but even I know the Sigma's reputation as a POS.
  10. Hawk19

    Hawk19 New Member

    I have heard of wildly varying performances from the Sigma series. I know S & W settled a lawsuit with Glock shortly before introducing the line (although you wonder why they're not stellar, if they're patterned after Glock). In terms of "economy models", even within the same company, I'd prefer a S&W 915, which is in the same ball park price-wise, but seems to perform better.

    KEVDEMT MassCops Member

    they tried to make a glock copy, but they didnt have the design genious of gaston glock. sure, they made a polymer framed, striker fired, double action only with a trigger actuated safety; but their first attempt was a laughable failure in execution. they tried again with the sigma round 2, but it sucked as well. they have finally gotten into the game with the m&p, by all accounts a fine firearm, but the sigma series is and will always remain a failure.

    again, its not a bad gun if you want a gun you can shoot the shit out of, never clean and drag home with a rope chained to your tailgate. but its(too me) NOT a carry or defensive gun. strictly a range blaster.
  12. Mumbles03

    Mumbles03 MassCops Member

    I personally would not carry a sub-compact unless it was as a secondary, they are simply too small to be an effective primary weapon. Here in MA you will spend too much money on a compact (mid-size) Glock due to the demand. For that reason I bought a Glock 22 (Full size .40) and carried it concealed with a 'inside the waist band' holster for years. Worn at my 4 O'clock with a forward cant, both myself and those around me couldn't tell it was there.
    I recently bought a S&W M&P .40 Compact just over $500 because my department switched to the full size, and I love it. I would recommend the M&P.
    If you are interested, I do want to part with my Glock as I have no need for it anymore. Message me if there is interest.
    I hope my advice is helpful.

    KEVDEMT MassCops Member

    i disagree with teh "its too small to be a primary weapon" comment for the following reason:

    the small gun in your hand beats the big gun at home in the safe 10 out of 10 times. most people would be uncomfortable carrying a full size firearm concealed for a variety of reasons. the size/weight/bulk of the gun, the size of the gun in comparison to the person, etc. what will happen more often than not for a lot of people is they will forgo carrying it becuase of its size becuase theya re just running to the store or too pick up the kids or some other quick errand, meaning it will be at home in the safe when they get knicked at the atm. whereas the compact or subcompact is comfortable enought to carry all day every day.

    also remember that the toughest sell in your trial will be trying to convince the jury that a person over 7 yards away from you presents an imminent life threat worthy of deadly force. its just not going to happen. the same with you shooting a fleeing suspect in the back after he stole your wallet. there are very strict circumstances in which you can employ lethal force, so you'll only be engaging targets within the iminent life threat bubble and if you cant shoot 21 feet with a snub 38 or g26 or similar, then you need to spend more time at the range.
  14. OfficerObie59

    OfficerObie59 Public Trough Feeder

    I dunno, I think my G27 loaded with 9+1 .40 JHP will do just fine.

    Any takers to test this Mumbles' claim? Didn't think so.
  15. Mumbles03

    Mumbles03 MassCops Member

    Obviously I would take a sub-compact over nothing, however given the choice, I would rather have at least a compact. You simply have more control.
  16. Hawk19

    Hawk19 New Member

    Don't forget where you "group" your rounds; I remember reading an article about this very subject in a gun magazine once, and the author wrote something like "I'd rather put a .22 in your heart than a .45 ACP in your foot"
  17. Irishpride

    Irishpride Subscribing Member

    I swear by the Kel Tec P3AT .380
  18. andyffemtp

    andyffemtp MassCops Member

    If your still interested i'm looking to sell my glock 27 with accessories as long as you can show me your credentials. i'm a reserve in SE mass.
  19. OfficerObie59

    OfficerObie59 Public Trough Feeder

    Dude, if you looking to solicit buyers, do it in another thread. Not trying to step on one of the Mod's d*ck, but I certainly don't want see some ATF inquiry of Masscops.

  20. changeover

    changeover MassCops Member

    I just got a sig p239 and its hands down the best gun ive ever bought

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