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I get a lot of requests from departments with little or no budget looking for patrol rifles. Right now everyone is looking for 5.56 AR style rifles and for departments that are not "select fire/full auto" departments the gov't guns are worthless.

If your department has some extra AR style rifles and are looking to get rid of them or looking to trade, let me know. In theory this would be an even trade blue book for dealer cost value for value going directly to departments.

Basically if your department has an AR in NIB shape it's worth about $700-1000 depending on features. If your department needs something and is willing to trade, I'd take the AR (and you would ship it to the needy department) you would get a credit for the gun and can use that money with us or any other dealer you want. If you use it with us, you get what we sell at dealer cost.

If your department is feeling very generous (and politics allow), I know of a couple of departments with no budget at all that are looking for an AR style rifle. PM me and if you can ship them one that would be great.
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