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I dont think MENSA will be inviteing these two anytime soon.

Blast leads to arrests

2 Clinton men are arraigned

Karen Nugent

CLINTON- John D. Rousseau, who is under house arrest and awaiting trial on arson charges, was arrested Wednesday night with his longtime friend Michael P. Dreslinski, for allegedly setting off homemade bombs behind his Wilson Street home.

Mr. Rousseau, 25, of 266 Wilson St., and Mr. Dreslinski, 24, of 60 Water St., were arrested around 11 p.m. Wednesday after the police dispatch center received a 911 call reporting an explosion at 266 Wilson St.

Both men are charged with possession of an infernal machine and disturbing the peace. In the police log, Mr. Dreslinski's occupation is listed as a foundation worker, and Mr. Rousseau's as a "prisoner on bracelet program."

The arrests were made by Detective Miguel A. Martinez, and Officers Earle M. Cadoret Jr. and Thomas F. Nelson.

They were arraigned on the charges yesterday in Clinton District Court, and are due back today for further arraignment, a clerk said.

The two have had run-ins with several police agencies since they were in their early teens. They have been accused by police of stealing or disabling electrical meters, fire boxes, and burglar alarms. Both have been sentenced to prison terms for breaking into buildings in state parks, stealing tools and equipment from state parks, vandalizing a construction site, and, in Mr. Rousseau's case, killing skunks and impersonating police officers on police radio frequencies.

Mr. Rousseau was accused last year of starting four fires in vacant buildings and one in a trash bin. He is awaiting trial on 10 charges related to the fires, and for impersonating a police officer. He was released earlier this year on $25,000 cash bail, put up by his grandmother, he said.

His next appearance in Worcester Superior Court is scheduled for July 27, for a pretrial conference, a spokeswoman for Worcester District Attorney John J. Conte said yesterday.

He has already served two prison sentences for vandalism, breaking and entering, and cruelty to animals.

Mr. Dreslinski and Mr. Rousseau were convicted in 1996 of vandalism at the construction site of the new Sawyer Elementary School in Bolton. Mr. Dreslinski did not receive jail time in that case. Mr. Rousseau was sentenced to six months in the Worcester County House of Correction.

Mr. Dreslinski was arrested by the Clinton police in 1997 for threatening people over a citizens band radio.

In 2000, Mr. Rousseau was convicted of cruelty to animals, and received one year in the House of Correction.

In 2001, both men were convicted of breaking and entering and larceny at state parks in Oakham and Douglas. Mr. Rousseau received a two-year sentence; Mr. Dreslinski got six concurrent 19-month sentences.

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you know it seems like these two nitwits would benefit from a 5 to 7 year bid in state prison. Maybe spending time in jail til they reach 30 would give them some perspective on how to behave like a normal human beings. :sb:
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