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Wounded Warrior Project

Discussion in 'Military News' started by soxrock75, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. soxrock75

    soxrock75 BOOM!

    My best friend is the National Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Wounded Warrior Project based out of Jacksonville, FL. His primary role is to form partnerships with corporations and donors to raise money for the program. The WWP is a great organization that is dedicated to helping the injured heroes that fight for us all. I urge everyone to check out the organization and help out if you can. These men and women certainly deserve it....


    He was just on Fox25 to receive a donation from Napa Auto Parts and is in talks with several high profile sports teams in the area amongst other possible partnerships:

    Honoring our wounded warriors#
  2. MSP75

    MSP75 Guest

    Thanks for posting this. It is a great project that I have donated to. Also, If you like country music (hold the comments) Montgomery Gentry has a Wounded Warrior Project CD sold at the Cracker Barrel store.
  3. MetrowestPD

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    Agree with everything but the country music. It would be nice if the Gov't spent more money on these heroes and less on the worthless leeches on welfare who contribute nothing.
  4. MSP75

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    On that note, wouldn't it be great if the leeches who claim they cannot find a job had to fulfill a military obligation to keep the benefits. I know I am being silly. Why would we want to hold any anyone but working taxpayers accountable.

    At least the wounded warriors prove there is still something great about America.

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