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Wounded veterans work to put away child predators

Discussion in 'Military News' started by kwflatbed, Jan 6, 2014.

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    Wounded veterans work to put away child predators

    Published January 05, 2014
    Associated Press
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      Army Staff Sgt. Oskar Zepeda removes a hard drive from a computer seized as evidence, Monday, Dec. 16, 2013, at a Digital Forensics Lab at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office in Seattle, where he is serving a one-year internship. Zepeda, who served nine tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, before being wounded, is part of a 17-member class of veterans deployed to ICE field offices throughout the country to use his newly acquired skills in computer forensics to help capture and prosecute child predators. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
    WASHINGTON – Oskar Zepeda has had pretty much one mission in his life: kill or capture.
    After serving nine tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, he now has a new target -- child predators.
    Zepeda, 29, is part of a 17-member class of veterans trained in computer forensics and sent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement field offices. They aren't paid, and there's no guarantee that they'll have a full-time job when their one-year stint ends.
    But the interns are finding the purpose of their new mission outweighs financial considerations.
    "I love challenges. And I have a family of my own," said Zepeda, whose military career was cut short by a hand grenade and the 25 operations that followed. "I feel I'm still serving my country and protecting my family at the same time."

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    God bless these veterans!
    Friggin' odrama squanders millions on his parties and vacations while wounded warriors work for free...enraging.
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    Giving those people an opportunity to serve and to have purpose is priceless! Possibly lifesaving ... But not paying them for a YEAR! a whole year ... is incredibly cheep and dishonorable :(
    I am sure we can afford to pay 17 people for the job they perform ... The word "salary" sounds way better then "disability benefits" or "monthly stipend" (what in the world is that?)
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    Yup. During the shutdown, federal employees were PAID to not go to work, not check their email, and not check their Blackberries.

    I understand that federal employees have bills to pay and mouths to feed just like everyone else - but to not give these men and women any salary is a little ridiculous.

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    Their talents are being utterly wasted on the investigative side of things.

    They need to be utilized on the punishment side.
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    New mission - capture and kill ... immediately!

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