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Wounded Soldier Returns Home

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    Bannon Starts Road To Recovery

    BOSTON -- A Winthrop soldier who was wounded in Iraq returned home to heal.

    NewsCenter 5's Jack Harper reported Monday that Sean Bannon, 22, said he knows he'll probably never run again, but his fighting spirit is as strong as ever. Bannon's leg was injured by an improvised explosive device in February.

    [​IMG]VIDEO: Wounded Soldier Returns Home

    "One piece came in below my knee, came through my knee and cut me (on my leg) and hit me on my wrist," Bannon said. "There is no way I was going to leave the hospital in a wheelchair."

    "I can't tell you how proud I am. I am so glad that he is home and safe," Bannon's grandmother, Pat McGovern said.

    "I can put weight on it, but I can't bend the knee because there is so much scar tissue. They might have to go for another surgery to clear all that out," Bannon said.

    "His right leg is still not out of the woods. He can’t support it on his own. He has a brace. It's going to take a year or two before they know if he is even going to keep it," Bannon's mother, Maureen McGovern said.

    "I feel like an extremely lucky man. My dream has been to serve in the Army. I couldn’t have been prouder than when I got deployed over sees. I wouldn't change a thing about it," Bannon said. "I won't be running. They tell me I am going to have a problem with stairs for the rest of my life. The little every day things that people take for granted, I am going to struggle with. It is going to be tough, but at least I am here."


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