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Would you email a police department and ask them this ?

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A friend of mine wants to email a police department to ask them a question.

He saw a movie last night.
The guy killed someone. He washed the walls with Amonia.
The police could not positivly identify the DNA from the blood.

He wants to know if this is true or false.
I asked him "Why do you want to know this" he said he is just curious and wants to ask the source.

I told him to look it up on the internet.
He told me "No I want to ask the police via EMAIL"

What do you think he should do ?
Again I told him to look it up on the internet and he got all pissed and told me he was going to email the Boston Police and ask them the question above ?
What are your thoughts on this ?
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I say you give him your blessing, and tell him to forward his question, along with his name, address, phone number, and d.o.b to the Boston Police. I am sure he will get a fast response. It may not be in the form of an email response, but I am sure someone will be in touch with him.
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