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Would this be a civil rights violation

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Here is the scenario: (please disregard personally feelings about facebook,myspace etc.) (also this story is not about me however I do know the people involved)

Mr. X sends a message, while at home, and from his home computer, to Mr. Y via facebook personal message, the message was not threatening or any type of racist remark. Mr. Y is offended and tells his boss about what Mr. X said. Mr. Y's boss calls Mr. X's boss and demands that Mr. X write an apology to Mr. Y. MR. X's boss agrees and tells Mr. X that he will need to write an apology to Mr. Y immediately or face disciplinary action.

My question, is can Mr. X's boss threaten disciplinary actions for something that did not occur on work time, work grounds, or using work equipment? The only thing that is work related is that Mr. X and Mr. Y only know each due to work.

Also Mr. X went to his union and they advised him that he should just write the apology letter.

I am curios of your take on this, I feel that Mr. X has the right to express himself.
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Ya, like I said childish. I was just curios as to how the supervisor could get involved when it was on the disaptchers own computer at their house. Had nothing to do with work. Just glad I'm not involved it would get ugly. I never apologize for something I felt I was right about. It would get ugly lol. Thanks for the responses.

Diesel, my question is was the dispatcher civil rights violated where they were threatened with being reprimanded for expressing themself.
Like 263 and 801 said, depends on the content and how it could be interpreted.

I am sure that my opinion and those of admin is vastly different. A majority of the stuff that we deal with is chickenshit and should be self solved without intervention. But I also feel that I can handle whatever life throws at me and don't need my hand held at all times. In this day and age I am surprised that more people or co-workers are not offended by the typical gallows humor that is prevelent in Police work. I don't believe that we are heading in the right direction, but what do I know.
Maybe I am reading into this but was the term "scab" used in reference to union activities? If yes, then the person who used the term could be "guitly" of harasing someone over their union activities
Now we are talking Labor Laws. The smarter thing to do is just bite the bullet and do what it takes to make it go away.
I think that is what they did.

Thanks everyone for the responses, Mods If you could closed this thread I think it has been answered.
I'll get the last word then. The offended is still a pussy
The offended is a BIG pussy.

Thread closed at request of OP.
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