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Would-Be Thief Captured by Elevator

After plundering a Berlin office, a robber making his getaway was forced to
call the fire department when he got stuck in the elevator.

A robber almost pulled off a successful heist in an office building in central
Berlin early Saturday morning. But on his way out of the building, he was
captured -- by the elevator.

The 27-year-old man broke into an office building in Berlin's Mitte district
and gathered up four laptop computers, according to police. But his
getaway did not quite go as planned.

At approximately 12:30 a.m., an elevator company received an emergency
call from the would-be thief. He was stuck in the office lift. The company
contacted the Berlin fire department, who freed the man with the help of
a mechanic.

The firemen noticed the four laptops stashed in the elevator and called in
the police, who arrested the man. Foiled by the lift, the 27-year-old
confessed to the attempted robbery.,1518,583762,00.html
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