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World's most remote plumber?

The British Antarctic Survey is offering the perfect job for a plumber wanting to get away from it all.
They need a plumber at Bird Island research station off South Georgia in the South Atlantic, reports the BBC.
The £22,340 salary may be low by UK standards, but accommodation is provided and living costs are next to nothing, the Survey says.

In addition they will "enjoy stunning junk mail or television". Frozen pipes and maintaining heating in temperatures of -20C should keep the successful applicant busy.

Athena Dinar of the British Antarctic Survey - which is also looking for an electrician - said the post would suit someone with a love of adventure and ready for "an opportunity of a lifetime".
"This role is for 18 months, so it would suit somebody single or who has a very understanding partner," she added.
Staff at Bird Island take turns cooking and making bread, so culinary skills would also be an advantage.

Hours can be long, especially if a ship comes in, when you could be spending 12 hours unloading cargo.
However, the philosophy is "work hard, play hard". Pastimes can include walking, skiing, snowboarding and learning languages.

Bird Island is the smallest of five BAS research stations. It is approximately 1,000km south east of the Falkland Islands and is accessible only by boat or helicopter.
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