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'World's Dumbest Criminals' Nabbed In Pennsylvania

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (CBS) ― What started as a burglary investigation at an Upper Darby, Pa. home led to a drug bust, the discovery of guns, fake police badges and Nazi uniforms and memorabilia.

Upper Darby police say they responded to a report of a burglary Friday afternoon and once inside the residence, they arrested Edward Hatton and his wife Debra who were allegedly growing and selling marijuana and using high-powered weapons to protect their operation.

"We also recovered this AK47 with a clip that was fully loaded containing 30 rounds of ammunition," said Upper Darby Police Superintendant Michael Chitwood.

Chitwood said Hatton told police he purchased the gun on the street.

Police also found badges from local and federal police agencies along with jackets carrying their emblems.

Police say how he got the items and what he planned to do with them, remains under investigation.

"Certainly when you look at the badges and different types of jackets and equipment he has, our concern is how many other times has he gone out and identified himself as law enforcement agent," said Chitwood.

Chitwood said they were tipped off by Mrs. Hatton, who asked police to investigate a robbery.

"So I guess you have to put them in the realm of some of the world's dumbest criminals," said Chitwood.

Both suspects are being held in a Delaware County jail in the lieu of $1 million bail.
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