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Hello all. I just got a universal machine in my home and was wondering if those with gym experience would suggest some workouts. I have 3 days at my disposal, with about an hour or so. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Free wieghts are better for size and strength. As they work stabilzeing muscles, which is harder or impossible to do doing a set lift path on a machine.
Make sure you set a goal and pick the type of work out that will get you there.

My personal workout goal is strength and size gain.
I work out monday, wensday,friday

For Shoulders( ladies love big shoulders to cuddle on :wink: )
Shrugs, military press, upright rows.
Dumbbell curls, tricep extenions. I some time do concetration curls to mix it up.
Calf rises,squats and dead lifts.
Bench press and dips.
Dead lifts.

I found the work out that works and I stick with it.
Remember to eat good--extra protein,fat(yes I said fat) and carbs. Drink lots of water. And do cardio. I dont do as much cardio as I should but it is important.

The most " suppliment" you would ever really need unless you ever plan on competeing is just a multi vitamin. Steer clear of the powders,creams,potions and pills------if you want to waste money, give it to me! Also the above stuff may be hazardous to your health over the long term. And as always avoid the roids!!!!!!!!! :evil:

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