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Tipster Says Body Buried 20 Years Ago

A backhoe digs in a lot on Kilby Street in Worcester, where a tipster told police a murder victim was buried about 20 years ago.

WORCESTER (WBZ) ― Police in Worcester are searching for evidence in what may be a decades-old murder.

Acting on a tip, police this morning began digging with a backhoe at the rear of 13 Kilby St.

Last week, investigators received information that the body of a murder victim had been buried there about 20 years ago. A State Police dog was brought in and appeared to detect evidence of a cadaver, investigators say.

"We're not sure of the credibility (of the tip) at this point," Police Sgt. Kerry Hazlehurt said. "But we have to go there. We have to do what we have to do to see if we can find if this is true or not. So we've been out there all day digging, and we're going to continue to dig until we've pretty much exhausted the area."

Police are not saying who the purported murder victim might have been.

Two houses formerly on the lot were torn down in recent years and a new building is under construction there. That work has been suspended.
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