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Worcester PD: Would-be carjacker targets undercover officer

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Worcester PD: Would-be carjacker targets undercover officer

WORCESTER - Some police officers drive unmarked cars and don't wear uniforms on duty. A Worcester man learned of undercover police work this morning after he tried to carjack a sergeant parked on Green Street.

According to authorities, Keith Urquhart, 51, of 10 Allen St., approached the unmarked police vehicle about 9:30 a.m. and threatened the occupant with a knife. Mr. Urquhart told the person to get out of the car.

He would soon learn that he was dealing with a plain-clothes officer.
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That is such a great story. And the dumbass of the week award goes to....
"Oh, you're a cop? Well, uh, never mind, I didn't realize this was YOUR car."

Ever hear that? Some dipshit is doing something bad and you, not on duty and in civies say, "Uh, hey, what the hell are you doing?" and you get a reply along the lines of "Oh, this is YOUR car (house, boat, bike, etc)??? Oh, sorry."

Like it MATTERS WHO'S IT IS? I bet this guy had just that attitude.
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