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Women With Troubles - December 2007

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    Reported in the news during December 2007, here is the compilation of women with troubles. Each name is linked to a blog entry displaying details. For a more comprehensive listing, check the Women With Troubles category link.
    (AL) Sharon Linton Rutherford, 32,
    teacher - Gets 3 years prison for sex with male student. Awaits trial on murder-for-hire charge,

    (AL) Stacey Robinson Weir,
    teacher - Arrested for drug possession,

    (AR) Jennifer Cisco, 30,
    school nurse - Arrested for sex with male students,

    (AR) Melinda Haas, 48,
    teacher, bus driver - Arrested for selling liquid morphine and Xanax,

    (AZ) Gay Lyn Turley, 42,
    teacher, coach - Charged with sexual contact with minor girl, 16,

    (CA) Jessica Ashley Kahal, 22,
    teacher - Guilty of sex with male student, 17. Sentencing in Feb.,

    (CA) Rita Sativa Kraft, 21,
    neighbor - Charged with attempted murder for throwing baby son off balcony,

    (CA) Larissa Schuster, 47,
    biochemist - Guilty of murdering husband in barrel of acid. Sentencing set for Jan. 16,

    (CO) Darcie Esson, 33,
    teacher - Gets 90 days in jail for sex with male student, 17,

    (CT) Sandrama Lamy, 33,
    neighbor - Charged with sex assault of mall Santa, 65,

    (FL) Angie Michelle Hawkins, 31,
    neighbor - Accused of child neglect for leaving kids home alone,

    (FL) Debra Lafave, 27,
    former teacher - Arrested for violating probation,

    (FL) Eunice Lopez, 26,
    neighbor - Arrested for marrying 10 men in five years,

    (FL) Jaymee Wallace, 30,
    teacher, coach - Gets 3 years prison for sex with girl, 14,

    (GA) Kaniz Fatema Jahid, 45,
    babysitter - Gets 10 years prison for shaking toddler, 2, causing brain damage,

    (GA) Madonna A. Whitus, 42,
    live-in caregiver - Charged with murder of woman she was caring for,

    (IN) Johana Marie Kalinowicz, 31,
    neighbor - Gets 10 years prison for sex with boy, 14,

    (KS) Tabitha Adams, 35,
    teacher - Arrested for sexual exploitation of young girl,

    (KS) Whitney L. Goracke, 21,
    preschool aide - Arrested for sex with boy, 15,

    (KS) Meredith L. Kane, 24,
    teacher - Gets 59 months in prison for sex with male student, 15,

    (KY) Jeni Lee Dinkel,
    neighbor - Released from jail after completing 60-day sentence for rape of boy,

    (KY) Christy Michelle McCartt, 25,
    teacher's aide - Accused of sex with two male students, 16 and 17,

    (KY) Crystal Wells, 33,
    teacher - Indicted for rape of male student, 15,

    (ME) Jessica Bowring, 25,
    neighbor - Faces new charges of sex with boy,

    (MN) Kellie Ann Lundon-Cormican, 38,
    teacher - Accused of sex with boy, 14,

    (MO) Sherri Lohnstein, 34,
    neighbor - Guilty of manslaughter for killing her baby. Sentenced to treatment for hooch addiction,

    (MS) Edna Mae Sanders, 47,
    neighbor - Charged with murdering husband with boiling oil,

    (NC) Kerry L. Balentine,
    psychiatrist - License suspended for allegedly giving sex and drugs to patient,

    (NJ) Celeste Adamski, 27,
    teacher - Sentenced to probation for mixing it up with four male students,

    (NJ) Pamela Balogh, 40,
    PE teacher, coach - Guilty of sex assault of girl, 15. No sentencing date set,

    (NJ) Mary J. Kaminski, 54,
    teacher - Arrested after being caught drinking and hammered in class,

    (NJ) Christine Sigall, 32,
    neighbor mom, 2 kids - Charged with sex assault of boy, 13,

    (NV) Brittany Baxter-Stuchell, 19,
    preschool teacher - Arrested for trafficking in cocaine,

    (NV) Joanna Marie Plants, 18,
    neighbor - Sentenced to life in prison for murder of stepmother,

    (NY) Maria A. Conklin-Matthie, 40,
    neighbor mom - Gets 30 days in jail for allowing a woman to have sex with her son,

    (NY) Caryn A. Consilio, 29,
    neighbor - Charged with animal cruelty for killing husband's dog,

    (NY) Dena Greene, 36,
    neighbor mom-of-three - Guilty of sex with boy, 15. Sentencing in Feb. 2008,

    (NY) Christel C. Gravlin, 33,
    teacher - Charged with rape of boy, 15,

    (NY) Deborah Knauber, 44,
    nurse, Sunday school teacher - Gets 1 to 3 years prison for rape of foster son, 13,

    (OK) Crystal Dawn Outlaw, 27,
    neighbor - Charged with sex assault of girl, 13,

    (OR) Jan Elizabeth Gleaves, 39,
    teacher - Arrested for having sex with and giving liquor to school boys,

    (OR) Jasmine Nguyen, 30,
    youth counselor - Indicted for rape of boy, 15,

    (PA) Patricia J. Gamber, 37,
    neighbor - Caught by police in the act with boy, 15,

    (PA) Chytoria Graham, 28,
    mother, 5 kids - Gets 5 to 10 years prison for swinging her 4-month-old baby like baseball bat and fracturing his skull,

    (PA) Dawn Herb,
    neighbor - Charged with disorderly conduct for cussing at her toilet,

    (PA) Tina Martinez, 42,
    counselor - Ordered to register as a sex offender for sex assault of inmate,

    (SC) Jenny Lynn Davis, 29,
    neighbor - Charged with illegal sex with deaf boy,

    (SC) Tippy Retana, 37,
    neighbor - Charged with murdering boyfriend for snoring,

    (SD) Michelle Alexander, 47,
    neighbor - Guilty of sex with boy, 15. Sentencing on Jan. 7,

    (TN) Katie D. Fults, 18,
    neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 12,

    (UT) Amber Childs, 31,
    neighbor - Gets 30-days for probation violation after hand slap for sex abuse of boy, 5,

    (WI) Sara M. Schneider, 28,
    neighbor - Arrested for soliciting boy, 15, over Internet,

    (WV) Lana Jo Rinehart, 28,
    teacher - Gets hand slap for sex with boy, 13.

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    Women with troubles.......... Isn't that REDUNDANT ??????????????
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    got that right!
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    Oh you just opened yourselves up to a world of pain.
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    If you're currently involved in a relationship with a women, your world of pain has already been opened.:D
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    amen to that.
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    Heck we got some women with troubles posting here again...wtf !
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    yeah yeah yeah....

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