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Woman's fishy problem

An Australian woman has been diagnosed with a rare genetic condition -
after 30 years of smelling of rotting fish .

The 41-year-old says doctors refused to take her complaints seriously,
believing she was neurotic, reports the Daily Telegraph.

She has now been diagnosed with trimethylaminuria, a genetic condition
that affects the smell of sweat, breath and urine.

The condition, also known as fish malodour syndrome, is incurable, but the
patient from Perth, Australia has been able to seek counselling and
support from fellow sufferers.

Professor John Burnett, of the University of Western Australia, said: "After
experiencing ridicule, distress, shame, anxiety and low self esteem during
her school years, she first consulted a doctor about the problem at the
age of 17, then again two years later, followed by a further four doctors
over the next 20 years.

"Now having a name for her condition she found an internet-based support
foundation and referred herself for genetic counselling."

Trimethylaminuria is a genetic mutation that causes the body to produce
too much trimethylamine, a compound found in fish. Particular foods,
medication and hormones can exacerbate the condition.

Patients "experience shame and embarrassment" and "fail to maintain
relationships", Prof Burnett said.

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I smelled a few of those girls while working in a jail... haha, probably not the same condition, but the same fish smell and it was awful. I had other inmates asking me to do something about it because they could not even take it. It is a smell you will never forget.
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