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Investigators Focus On Tire Tracks Discovered Near Body

Video: Body Found Behind Church In Rochester

ROCHESTER, N.H. -- Investigators are focusing on a set of tire marks discovered near the body of a woman found behind a church in Rochester on Tuesday.

Authorities await the results of an autopsy scheduled Wednesday to determine whether foul play contributed to the death of Marcie Lyn Grenier, 31.

"At this point, this death is considered suspicious in nature until an autopsy is scheduled," Rochester Deputy Police Chief Mike Allen said. "We haven't been able to determine the manner or cause of death."

A member of Christ the King Church on Route 108 found the body behind the church just after 1 p.m., WMUR News 9's Adam Sexton reported.
Police spent close to six hours going over the grounds at the church, looking at tire tracks near the body and even taking an aerial picture of the crime scene using a fire ladder truck.
"We've videotaped the scene, we've photographed, we've collected all of the evidence that we think could potentially be connected to the crime scene," Allen said.
Police are treating the discovery as a suspicious death, but there was no word on how Grenier died. It was not immediately known whether she died in the church parking lot or if her body was left there.
Investigators were waiting for autopsy results. Police said that Grenier was known to them, but they did not provide details.
WMUR News 9 spoke by telephone with the pastor of the church, the Rev. Simon Wong. He said the incident is a complete shock, and he allowed police to search the church property. Investigators used a fire department ladder truck to get a better view of the scene.
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