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Woman violently held hostage in Lawrence

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LAWRENCE, Mass. -- Police said a woman was violently held hostage by her boyfriend of 12 years during an argument in his Lawrence home.
Juan Torres, 51, allegedly held Mirna Alvarez, 48, hostage for 10 hours and stabbed her with a large butcher knife early Wednesday.
Alvarez locked herself in his second floor Museum Square apartment bedroom, screamed for help and banged a lamp against the wall, trying to get a neighbors attention.
After 10 hours, she finally was able to call 911. She told dispatchers that Alvarez wanted to kill her.
Then Torres called 911 and said nothing was going on inside the apartment, but the dispatchers heard moaning in the background and asked to speak to her. Torres handed Alvarez the phone and she told the dispatcher that she was stabbed.
When police arrived, they found Alvarez lying on a bed, bleeding from her abdomen.
Torres was arrested and is facing charges.
Alvarez remains in the hospital, but she is expected to survive.
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