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Woman takes her own life after home foreclosed

TAUNTON, Mass. -- A woman took her own life after she lost her home to foreclosure.
Carlene Balderrama, 53, reportedly fax her mortgage company a letter telling them that when they showed up to foreclose on the home, they would find her dead.
Police say that a suicide note, which was left inside of the home, told family members to take the insurance money and pay off the debt.
"You know, everybody's struggling right now with the economy the way it is, and I just don't know why someone would go to that extreme, to do something like that," Brenda Santarpio, neighbor, said.
Balderrama's husband came home from work to find the tragic scene. Police say that he did not know of the financial issues that he and his wife were having.
"He had no idea. She handled all the bills. He just had no idea. This really is a tragedy," Chief Raymond O'Berg, Taunton Police Department, said.
Balderrama is survived by a husband and a 20-year-old son.

Thanks so much for the info, OhMy. I did read the document,
and they are foreclosing judicially. I do have another question,
if you don't mind. Let's say after the foreclosure begins,
I have a relative who offers to purchase the home, but they
only want to purchase it for what is owed on the first mortgage.

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