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Woman sues after son cut with scissors

A woman is suing the Australian state of Queensland after her son was
injured by a thrown pair of scissors in art class.

The suit, which is seeking $136,000, claims the 14-year-old boy was
injured April 26, 2007, after intervening in a conflict between two other
students, the Brisbane Courier-Mail reported Friday.

The 14-year-old allegedly asked another boy to apologize to a Tullawong
State High School student he had punched, leading the violent student to
throw a pencil case containing a pair of scissors at the 14-year-old, the
suit says.

The District Court of Queensland lawsuit said the boy suffered a severed
nerve in his left arm and scarring as a result of the incident.

The suit claims the state "failed to implement a system by which students
were prevented from bringing sharp objects into the classroom."

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What do you expect the kid to do, get a gun? Australia is a Gun Free Zone now. Next, they'll be regulating pencils, scissors, and steak knives. Try cutting up some grilled 'roo without benefit of a knife! It ain't easy living Down Under anymore.
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