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Complaint to officer leads to her arrest

By Dennis Tatz
The Patriot Ledger
Posted Jul 31, 2008 @ 06:36 AM

A Quincy woman might think twice in the future before stopping a police officer and telling him he wasn't doing his job.
Celine Wan Tong, 32, found herself in handcuffs, charged with drunken driving and carted off to jail.
Police said Tong had a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit.
Police said Tong was driving behind a police cruiser and flashing the high beams of her red Mini Cooper at the officer on Granite Street near South Shore Plaza shortly before 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.
Thinking the motorist behind him might need help, Officer Kenneth Murphy pulled his marked vehicle to the side of the road at the entrance to the Uno Chicago Grill.
Tong stopped alongside the officer, got out of her car and began yelling at Murphy that he just allowed a truck to ignore a red light.
Murphy wrote in a police report filed in Quincy District Court that Tong was "flailing her arms at me and yelling in her vehicle."
Police said Murphy didn't know what Tong was talking about and denied her claim regarding the red light and truck.
The police report said Tong also complained to Murphy that Braintree police had cited her for being at fault for a previous accident.
She admitted to Murphy that she had two drinks at a friend's house, according to the police report.
The report said while the officer was speaking with Tong, he smelled an odor of alcohol on her breath and observed other signs that she was drunk.
Police said Tong agreed to perform several sobriety tests. She did poorly on the only one she was able to complete, police said.
Murphy arrested Tong and charged her with drunken driving and driving negligently.
The officer wrote in his report that she continued to argue about her past motor vehicle crash and threatened to call a Boston television station to complain about her treatment from Murphy.
While at the police station, Tong agreed to take a breath test to determine the level of alcohol in her blood.
Police said she registered .16, which is twice the legal limit.
Tong pleaded innocent to charges Wednesday in Quincy court. She was released on personal recognizance and told to return to court Sept. 30.

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I wonder if she is "Quincygal"?:confused:

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Good Lord, you CANT make this stuff up...
Police said she registered .16, which is twice the legal limit.
What a dink..
Hey Cop, come ova hee-ah... I want ta tell you sumptin...
Man, you have to LOVE Darwin.... He was right on so many levels...

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Yoo bad poreece man...........yoo no do yo jawb. Yoo wret ca go true led right. Yoo go catch him...NOWWWW!!!!!
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