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Woman says mango has Arabic words for God

Muslims have been streaming to a home in southern Sweden to view a mango that reportedly has the Arabic words for Allah and Muhammad written inside.

Rubina Sheikh of Helsingborg, Sweden. says black lines in the fruit form characters in Arabic that spell the holy words, Sweden's The Local reported Wednesday.

"When I sliced the mango in two, 'Allah' was written in one half and 'Muhammad' in the other," said Sheikh. "It's a miracle, a sign from Allah."
Local Muslims have been heading to Sheikh's home to see the mango, The Local said.

But Jan Hjarpe, a professor of Islam from nearby Lund University, said he isn't convinced the rotting fruit is a sign from Allah.

"There are 14 recognized ways to create the word 'Allah,'" Hjarpe said to The Local. "When you think about how many mangoes there are out there, it's not strange that one of them has a pattern that can be interpreted to be the right combination of characters."
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