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Woman mistakes skunk for a cat, gets sprayed

MOUNT CARMEL, Pa. (AP) - A Pennsylvania woman who thought she was
petting a neighbor's cat got a smelly surprise when it turned out to be a
skunk. Not only did the skunk spray the woman before dawn Monday, but
it ran into her Mount Carmel home.
Police spent hours at the home before leaving the scene, but there was
no immediate word if they were able to remove the animal.

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Yah, but you forgot the part about it being pepper spray. :baby21:
Verb1.pepper spray - when having sex with a woman, a man inhales the aroma of black pepper causing him to sneeze when he emits semen. The sneeze puts spressure on the prostate gland which in turn causes a high pressure cum shot.
:s Keep your fantasies to yourself, NE.
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