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KENNESAW, Ga. - Florida authorities say they have arrested a man suspected of kidnapping his girlfriend from a suburban Atlanta shopping center.

Jackson County, Fla., Sheriff's officials said 39-year-old Anthony Robbins was taken into custody late Wednesday after he dropped 41-year-old Lisa Ambrose off at a hospital in the north Florida county.
Robbins confronted Ambrose in a parking lot about lunchtime Wednesday. Police say he stabbed her and forced her into her car, Cobb County, Ga., police said.
Authorities said a retired police officer saw the incident and tried to stop Robbins by shooting at the vehicle. Robbins then drove her down into the Florida panhandle before taking Ambrose to a hospital.
She is listed in critical condition.
Robbins is also in the hospital with a gunshot wound, but police were not clear on when he was shot.,2933,424941,00.html
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