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Woman kicked off train not pantless

The Utah Transit Authority said a woman booted from a train for being
nude below the waist turned out to be wearing a miniskirt concealed by
her jacket.

Officers said the woman was asked to get off the TRAX train in Murray,
Utah, at about 7:30 a.m. Monday after other passengers reported that
she wasn't wearing any pants, The Salt Lake Tribune reported Tuesday.

However, officials said the officers discovered while talking to the woman
that she was actually wearing a miniskirt that was concealed by the
length of her jacket, making it appear that she was not wearing pants.

The officials said the woman was allowed to get back aboard the train and
continue her ride.

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In response to pic. request. This is for demonstration purposes only
Not the true subject of the story. Had it been the true subject of the
story she'd have been wearing a jacket.
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