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Woman humiliated by flight attendant

A passenger on a New York to Rome flight claims in a lawsuit she was humiliated when a flight attendant had her detained without just cause.

Carolyn "Lynne" Meadow, the artistic director of the prestigious Manhattan Theatre Club, claims in her suit against Continental Airlines that she was detained and interrogated by the FBI after she asked a flight attendant to be quiet so she could sleep on the Aug. 9 flight, the New York Sun reported Thursday.

Meadow's suit, filed in the New York Supreme Court, claims she was woken up shortly after the flight departed New York by a flight attendant, identified by the suit as Chris Boone, who was speaking loudly with a colleague. She said she put her finger to her lips and said, "Shhh."

Later in the flight, Meadow said her malfunctioning movie screen -- which the suit claims was attached only by an electrical chord -- broke off while she was attempting to adjust it.
She said Boone then confronted her about the broken screen, insisting she had purposefully destroyed airline property.

"From the moment you 'shushed' me during takeoff, I knew there would not be enough attendants on this plane to take care of you." The suit quotes Boone as saying, "The authorities will deal with you on the ground."

Meadow was detained by the FBI for about an hour and released without charges.
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