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SANDERSON, FL -- A woman trying to flee Baker County Sheriff's deputies accidentally ran over herself Sunday afternoon. Police say she first tried to hit a deputy and then lost control and hit a lawn mower.
Deputies were called to the home on Mallie Davis Road around 2 p.m., because of a fight between a husband and wife.
When officers arrested the husband, they had planned on taking the wife, 63-year-old Mary Davis, into custody as well.
She had different plans.
Deputies say that she jumped into her mini-van and left the drivers door open, when she tried to back out of her driveway she hit a parked lawn mower.
But, that was after deputies say she tried to strike one of them with her car.
The deputy reacted and jumped out of the way.
After the collision, Davis fell out and the mini-van spun out of control.
As the van made a circle, Davis was run over.
She was flown to Shands with critical injuries.
Ironically, the mini-van went in circles until it hit the deputy's patrol car that she had tried to run over earlier.
When Davis recovers, the BCSO says that charges will be filed.

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