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Woman held after going to plane for toys

A London teacher said she was detained for several hours at a city airport
after she attempted to return to a plane for her daughter's toys.

Emma Goldman, 45, said she "impulsively" tried to return to the plane to
retrieve her daughter's toys moments after arriving at Gatwick Airport on a
flight from Venice and accidentally tripped three security seals on doors
between the terminal concourse and the jet, The Daily Mail reported

Goldman said she was swarmed by armed police.

"I wasn't scared because I thought they'd realize it was just a
misunderstanding, I tried to wave it off and apologize," she said. "But they
took me downstairs and there was this van with a horrible cage inside.

They opened the back doors and my heart started racing -- that's when I
felt really scared."

Goldman said she was held for several hours before questioning. She said
police wanted to drop her case, but the Crown Prosecution Service
insisted on pursing charges of criminal damage and entering a restricted
zone of an airport without permission.

She admitted to the charges and was given a conditional discharge and
ordered to pay $40 to replace the plastic covers on the security alarms
she tripped and $120 in fines.
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