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SOMERVILLE, Mass. -- A Medford woman called police after she recognized the thief who stole her $300 designer purse when she pulled up next to his Chevy Impala at a Hess gas station last Thursday.
Police arrested Joshua Taylor, 21, and Meredith Amaru, 22, at the intersection of McGrath Highway and Blakely Avenue in connection with the robbery.
The purse theft was caught on surveillance video and showed a man reach into the victim's car and steal the $300 tan Coach bag with red, green, blue and black stripes. The thief then sped away in a red Chevy Impala, almost hitting a Medford police officer who witnessed the crime.
When the victim pulled up next to the suspect at the gas station, she immediately recognized the car as the same one used in the bag theft because the Chevy Impala in the surveillance tape had a distinctive dent on the front, right fender with residues of white paint and was also missing a right, front hubcap, according to police reports.
The stolen bag was sitting in Amaru's lap.
It is believed the suspects used the woman's credit card to fill up their car with gas before they were arrested.
Police reportedly found the victim's digital camera, and her Channel wallet with her credit cards and Social Security card.
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