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Woman finds mouse head in frozen beans

An Auckland woman wants answers after finding what looks to be a shrunken mouse's head in a packet of fozen food.

Jacquie Lewis is a competitive body builder and eats a lot of frozen vegetables.

But what she found inside a packet of Watties "choice cut" frozen beans has her thinking of sticking to muesli bars.

"I thought it was a little husk or something so I took it out of the microwave and pulled it out, it had eyes looking back at me, which was incredibly nauseating, I thought if this is your head where exactly is the rest of you?," says Lewis.

The unidentified frozen object is about one centimetre wide and Lewis says if she hadn't looked closely she could have eaten it.

Both Heinz-Watties and Auckland Public Health are also asking questions after being contacted by Lewis.
Heinz-Watties say the beans were grown and packaged in Canterbury and occasionally wildlife does get into food products.

"There is a very high likelihood of something else from that mouse bar the head that I have received being in someone else's packet that they may be cooking up perhaps tonight," says Lewis.

And she may be right, Auckland Public Health say they investigate about 200 cases per year of foreign matter in food.
Watties are doing a precautionary withdrawal of the batch of green beans that the offending packet came from.
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