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Woman fails driving test - after four gins

A woman was disqualified from her driving test after she failed a breath-
test - on the written section of her exam.

Monika Cristescu, 20, from Arad, was found to be double the drink drive
limit after admitting she'd downed "only four gins" to cope with nerves.

Police withdrew her licence application and banned her from taking the
driving theory paper until she shows up sober.

A police spokesman said: "She turned up to do the test and a few minutes
into it she started giggling, talking loudly to the other candidates in the
room, shouting out the answers she was giving and telling them she was
going to get every question right.

"An officer walked over to her and immediately smelt alcohol and decided
to give her a breath test.

"She admitted she had had some drinks before to calm her nerves but she
needed to learn that alcohol and driving don't mix - even if it was just the
theory part of the test and she was not actually on the roads - and an
example needed to be set to the other candidates."
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