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Woman face jail for stealing ex's dog

A Polish woman who couldn't bear being separated from her ex's dog could
face up to five years behind bars for trying to steal the animal.

Beata Wolotka, 36, of Olsztyn, had begged her former partner to let her
take the golden retriever for walks every now and again when they
decided to split up.

He agreed. But when she failed to bring the dog back after taking him out
for a stroll, the owner reported her to the police.

A police spokesman said: "The lady told us that she had grown extremely
fond of the dog during her relationship with her ex and was very happy
when he agreed to let her walk it.

"But she said she could no longer bear to be apart from it. She is
distraught when she is not with it.

"It is hard to tell whether in her previous relationship she was more fond of
the dog or her male partner."
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