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Woman drove her rapist to police station

A New Zealand woman drove a man who raped her in the back of his car
to a police station after he fell asleep, news reports say.

A jury found Vipul Romik Sharma, 22, guilty of abduction and two counts
of rape on Tuesday after a four-day trial in the Auckland District Court.

The court was told Sharma raped the woman, whom he met in a city bar
in February 2006, after driving her to a park.

After the attack, he allowed her to drive and fell asleep in the passenger
seat so she drove him to Auckland Central police station, the New Zealand
Herald reported on Wednesday.

Detective Simon Welsh told the paper, "I almost couldn't believe it when
the call first came in. It's a unique case. She showed a lot of bravery and
common sense."

Sharma was remanded in custody for sentence in January.
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