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Woman Fleeing Puerto Rican Police Smashes FBI Gates

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - A woman was arrested Monday for crashing her car through the gates of FBI headquarters in the Puerto Rican capital after guards refused to let her speak with the local director of the U.S. law enforcement agency.
Grace Vega Osorio, 37, was quickly surrounded and arrested on suspicion of destruction of U.S. government property, said Special Agent Harry Rodriguez, a spokesman for the FBI.
Osorio was fleeing Puerto Rican police when she arrived at the gates of the U.S. federal building and said she wanted to speak with Luis Fraticelli, head of the FBI's office in Puerto Rico. Rodriguez said he did not know why she wanted to speak with him.
A spokeswoman for Puerto Rico's police, Maria del Pilar Bon, said officers had tried to stop her for speeding and during the chase she crashed into several cars before reaching the federal building.
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