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Woman accused of shoplifting, brandishing a well-used female sanitary napkin

She can't blame PMS.

So how do you explain the actions of a Fort Pierce woman who tried to
touch a cop with a "well-used and bloody female sanitary napkin?"

Cops arrested the 27-year-old after she allegedly walked out of a
drugstore without paying for a $29.99 box of Elizabeth Arden
Mediterranean cologne.

She also had a bottle of bright green Sinful Colors nail polish and a
package of "extra long" black fake eyelashes.

She pulled what appeared to be a dollar bill from her overalls and tried
handing it to a cop but he didn't take it.

As cops put her in a patrol car, she "grabbed behind her and pointed a
well-used and bloody female sanitary napkin" at two officers.

"Both officers told her to drop the well-used and bloody female sanitary
napkin, but the suspect refused," the report says. "I delivered a firm,
lawful command to the suspect to drop the object and told her it was

A female cop put the "offensive and potentially dangerous biohazard item"
in a plastic bag.

Well, at least she can only pull this weapon once a month.
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