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I was wondering if there is a way to get a printout of all active warrants for your town. I know about WMS7 but that doesn't do it.
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Instructions for warrant extraction! (I got tutored at work)

1) Minimize CJIS accessory manager
2) Open the MS Excel link on the desktop
3) Click on File
4) Click on Open (It should have opened folder "fmchsb," if not, find that.
5) Double click folder "Warrants")
6) Look for "Open files of type" and chose "ALL FILES"
7) You'll find a bunch of text document files with dates for titles, double click the one with the latest date. This should bring you to the "Text Import Wizard."
8.) Click "Next" two times
9) Click on each column to highlight it, and use the up and down arrows to chose whether you want to skip it or include it on the list. To make it fit on the printout, skip everything except "Name," "DOB," "Address 1," "City," "State," and "Agency Code."
10) Now it can be saved as an Excel speadsheet.
11) Before printing, click "Format," then "Autoformat" and then "Simple"
12) Then click "file" then chose "Page Setup" and set it to "Landscape"
13) Line up the next sheet on the printer and print away!

This list will include all warrants issued from your department and all warrants for people listing addresses in your town. Like Matchstick said, it's updated every sunday evening. Just make sure you chose to skip over all the other non-essential columns or the printout will be a big mess. Oh yeah, and we have the old Windows95 on our CJIS terminal, so if you have a newer operating system, this whole thing might be different. Have fun.

Nick :BNANA:
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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