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A Saukville police officer was charged Tuesday with intentionally starting a building on fire in March.
Saukville Police Officer Accused Of Intentionally Starting Fire
Twenty-six-year-old Melissa Kronebusch finds herself behind bars, facing two felony charges Tuesday night.
Kronebusch is accused of setting fire to an empty building that was set to be torn down, next to the police department, and then lying about it.
According to court records, surveillance video showed Kronebusch going into the building minutes before the fire started and driving away with smoke.
Saukville Police Chief Bill Meloy said the officer did a satisfactory job in law enforcement and that he is disappointed.
“I hired you and now you just let me down,” Meloy said. He added that Kronebusch was placed on paid administrative leave in June.
Kronebusch’s fiancé -- a Saukville firefighter -- and her family were in court Tuesday. Her attorney said she is engaged to be married next weekend.
A judge called the charges disturbing and set bail at $5,000. Kronebusch could face 50 years in prison, if found guilty.
Kronebusch said nothing but broke down and cried during Tuesday’s hearing. She passed a background test, a lie detector test and a psychological test before she was hired by the Saukville police department.

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