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Greendale Police have made an arrest in connection with a string of armed robberies made by a man impersonating a police officer.
Police Make Arrest In Cop Impersonator Robberies
The suspect was foiled at Milwaukee’s Toys R Us on 27th Street in September. Because he was unable to get away with some of the bank bags he handled, a fingerprint left behind eventually led to his arrest.
Using a uniform and badge from his former security guard jobs, with the addition of a number of handguns, handcuffs and a police hat, Greenfield Police said 29-year-old Timothy Mullins put his plan into action.
"Working in security, he got to know a lot of the lingo, the language, the things that go on. He became familiar with the bookkeeping, how deposits are picked-up, how they're made, what they do with the bags," Greendale Police Chief Robert Dams said.
Mullins is charged with armed robbery for the crime shown on surveillance video from Borders Books in Greendale last month. He was able to get into the back office by saying he was there to investigate a theft. It was the same ruse used in a Brookfield Old Navy store in July by the man seen in the sketch to the side -- a crime police are now trying to link to Mullins as well.
In each case, the assailant wore a bandage on his face.
"He said he did a lot of reading on police stuff, and one of the things he read is that if you put bandages on, people tend to focus more on the bandage than they are at the face," Dams said.
According to the complaint, Mullins also admitted trying similar crimes at the Hales Corners Kmart, the Michaels and AJ Wright stores in Milwaukee as well as the Toys R Us but left when he got scared.
"When you have individuals running around with this kind of firepower, you know, one slip and he decides he's backed into a corner and he's gonna shoot," Dams said.
The last robbery took place over a month ago. Mullins told police he stopped trying after surveillance video aired on television and several people mentioned to him that he looked like the guy on the tape.
Police said they suspected Mullins early on from his work as a security guard in the area, as well as an arrest for carrying a concealed weapon. They couldn’t move in until Friday when they got the fingerprint results back from the crime lab.

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