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Applications for employment are accepted only when a position is posted and advertised as accepting applications.

Read the job announcement carefully, making sure you understand the requirements of the position.

Make sure all the requested information in filled in completely and accurately on the City of Wilmington application. Just putting "see resume" is not acceptable.

Don't leave any gaps in your employment history.

List job duties or skills that you have, which are relevant to the position.
Proofread your application material.

Write legibly, if you are handwriting your application.

Include your resume and cover letter only as supplement documents, but not as replacements for the requested information.
Sign and date your application.

Return your application to the posted closing dates and times.

The City of Wilmington's Government job listing and Summer job listing are updated every week with the most current listings.

You can submit an online application, or print and fill out a printable application and mail it to our Human Resources Office at 320 Chestnut Street, 2nd floor, Wilmington, NC 28402.


All new hire applicants will receive a conditional offer of employment in writing for the position pending the successful completion of pre-employment physical, criminal, driving and other pre-employment activities.

All new hire applicants will also be required to submit degree verification and/or license/certification verification, if applicable. These requirements must be successfully passed prior to the start date.
Further information can also be obtained via email or by calling 910-341-7840.
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Not open for further replies.