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Will strip search ruling affect Mass. jails?

Discussion in 'Sheriffs' started by kwflatbed, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Will strip search ruling affect Mass. jails?

    Posted 6 hour(s) ago
    Bay State sheriffs and legal experts are weighing the impact of a recent Supreme Court ruling that upheld the legality of strip-searching people admitted to the general population of a jail, regardless of their criminal past or charges against them. County jails, unlike houses of correction or state prisons, generally hold people charged with a crime who await trials or other court appearances, but have not been convicted.The main question is if the court ruling gives sheriffs new leeway to strip search people awaiting an arraignment, their first appearance before a judge after being arrested.
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    Have a separate holding area for non searched inmates. Have no staff. Shrug when someone gets stabbed.

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  3. MD1218

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    A little too late on this ruling! My department, before I started there, had to pay out $10 million dollars in damages due to this. As was past practice they strip searched pre-arraigned arrestees and thought nothing of it. Turned out one of these people were a little savvy in the legal department and turned around and sued them. We lost, paid heavily.

    I never like the idea of having to strip search people, but it's serves for a better piece of mind knowing that they were thoroughly searched prior to placing them anywhere inside a secure facility,

    For us though, we do house our pre-arraigned separately. They sleep in our booking room separate from anyone that has been strip searched. They never even make contact with anyone that has been searched. We do pat search them since we are no longer allowed to conduct a strip search. Would it be nice to see this changed, yes it would be.

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